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Song Writing

Sessions For Adults

Lucy has a Masters degree in song writing and has been evolving her craft for 20 years. On to one time with Lucy will inject your song writing with imagination and inspiration. The sessions are made to suit you as an individual, you may be an established musician or at the beginning of exploring your potential all are welcome. Lucy's workshop sessions will aim to explore and shape your own intuitive writing style, by helping you to connect with your creative subconscious. Bespoke tasks and activities are created to help you to form you own individual song writing process. This is designed to nurture, expand and challenge you creatively. Song writing is a key part of developing your identity as an artist, Lucy will facilitate you on this journey. 

All session are currently via zoom

£30 - 1 Hour Session

Song Writing Sessions

For Young people (14+)

Song writing can be an amazing and assessable tool for young people to express themselves and explore their identify. Often just by putting our thoughts or feelings out into the world can cause massive shifts in confidence and self esteem. Lucy is passionate about nurturing creativity in young people and giving them the tools to unlock their potential. Sessions will be design to best suit the individual with fun engaging tasks to help them develop creativity and build skills and self believe. 

All session are currently via zoom

£20 - 45 Minute Session

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